Ages 6 to 15 | 5 Classes @ 1.5 hrs each

Gotta Draw & Sculpt 'Em All Class

Do you like video games? Do you like collecting things? Meet an artist who loved video games and collecting creatures! Satoshi Tajiri—The creator of Pokemon!

Create awesome Pokemon-inspired art while learning about the artist behind the idea!

We offer classes starting in January (part 1) or February (part 2). Projects are different each month. You do not need to take part 1 to register for part 2.

Drop off only.

February | Winter Session | Gotta Draw And Sculpt 'Em All | 5 Weeks

  • Bring your own or purchase the drawing bundle with class ($27.99)
  • Mini sketchbook (approx 4x6 inches)
  • Kneadable eraser
  • Set of Double-Ended Detail Markers: 12 Colours
  • Set of Oil Pastels: 18 Colours

Daily Reports

Wonder how your child is doing in class? Wonder what they are making? Wonder no more! Within a few days of each class, we will send you a little email report about the class, a summary of what the students learned and how your child is doing. ♡